Film Room Schedule – Sunday

Sunday Morning

9:00 am: Zardoz

In this British production, a wild but intelligent savage (played by a young and well-muscled Sean Connery) hitches a ride on a flying head made of rock and arrives in a land of immortal lotus eaters. Well, disgruntled immortal lotus eaters. An odd and understated film, this is one of the rare productions that is more interesting than its trailer.
16mm, 1 hr. 45 min.

11:00 am: The Ugly Little Boy

This is a 1977 adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s story about a child from the Neanderthal being brought into the future, and how the dispassionate nurse hired to take care of him became a friend. It’s a lovely little adaptation that doesn’t get seen much today.
16mm, 26 min.

11:30 am: Rocky Jones—Space Ranger: "Pirates of Prah"

Rocky Jones, Vena Ray, and ten-year-old Bobby cruise the galaxy in their space ship in this typical television space opera. The episode we are running, Pirates of Prah involves space piracy, hijacking, and everything else a kid in the fifties would want to see in a television show.
16mm, 30 min.

Noon: The Movie Year In Review

PANEL: Our annual look back at the year in SF, horror, and fantasy film. Our panel of experts will cover every theatrical release of 2008. Time for audience participation is reserved for the end of our panel’s high speed review.


Sunday Afternoon

1:30 pm: Our Man Flint

James Coburn plays secret agent Derek Flint in this marvelous spoof of James Bond films. Chasing eco-terrorists while surrounded by teams of beautiful women and improbable gadgets, he saves the world in the second reel and then saves the world again in the fourth. If anything, it’s interesting to watch how Austin Powers seems like a pale and crude imitation of the amusingly overstated Flint.
16mm, 1 hr. 48 min.

Preceded by Heave Away. This short film on the decommissioning of a spacecraft is set to music by Helva Peters.
16mm, 6 min, Color by RGB/DuArt

3:30 pm: Westworld

During Michael Crichton’s long life, he wrote a large number of screenplays that all centered around technology going terribly wrong but ingenious humans managing to overcome it. Perhaps the best film he ever made on that theme was Westworld, and with his recent death we’d like to comemmorate his work. Delos is the vacation of the future, today. At Delos you get your choice of the vacation you want, but you probably haven’t bargained for Yul Brynner as a murderously malfunctioning robot. This film is in the process of being remade; see the original before it’s too late.
16mm, 1 hr. 28 min.

5:00 pm: Ultra-Q

We will be presenting an episode from the first Japanese SF television series ever made. Produced by Eiji Tsuburaya who later went on to make such hits as Ultraman, it is actually a very thoughtful program that seems to owe a lot to the Twilight Zone. Oh, except for the Japanese monsters. At this point we don’t know what episode we’ll be showing except that we guarantee it will be in Japanese with live translation, it will never have been shown in the US before, and it will be from the 1965 season.
16mm, 30 min. In Fuji B&W.

5:30 pm: God Mazinger

Episode 10 of Go Nagai’s 1983 Majin Densetsu anime series. Teenager Yamato Hibino has been sucked through a time warp into the past, where she helps Queen Aira of Mu to fight against the dinosaur army of the Dragonia Empire with the help of the stone guardian God Mazinger. In the original Japanese with live translation. Brand new print that looks fabulous.
16mm, 30 min, color by Tokyo Film Labs.


Sunday Evening

6:00 pm: Trailer Park

Everybody’s favorite event! Two hours of trailers for movies you love, movies you hate, and movies you’ve never heard of!
2 hr., In damn near every format made.

8:00 pm: Repo: the Genetic Opera

This is a fantasy horror musical about a world in which medical insurance is nonexistent and where if you take out a loan for an organ transplant, you’d better make sure you can pay it. Cindy says, ”Take painkillers first.” It’s silly, it’s horrible, it’s a musical with real bel canto opera singing, Anthony Stewart Head, and Paris Hilton. How can you go wrong?
35mm, 1 hr. 38 min

Preceded by History of the Automobile, a short film describing the evolution of transportation in a parallel universe.
16mm, 6 min.

10:00 pm: To Be Announced

This slot is being held open until the last minute in expectation of something so exciting we’d have to shoot you if we told you about it.

Midnight: Contact!

Do you remember the 1970s when you could go into a movie theatre and see fine quality pornography with a huge audience? Chip Delaney does, and he talks about seeing just this movie. Now you can have the same experience, but only if you are 18 years or older and have identification available when the doors open. This fine X-rated film stars Renee Bond which alone makes it worth the price of admission.
16mm, 1 hr. Color by Eastman Negative Process.