Pros(e) in the Balcony

Arisia will have an area with a couple tables for Artists, Authors, and small businesses (e.g., book and game publishers) to rent for a few of hours to promote themselves. (AKA Artist/Author Alley). These tables will be on the same floor as the Dealers' Row at the Hyatt hotel.

Items may be sold at the tables as long as they have been made by the individual or business renting the table. Artists may do demos at their tables as long as they are not messy.

The price of renting a table will be $10 per hour (limit of one table per person, and two hours at a time). Additional hours may be available, if time permits. The hours for the tables will be 10am-6pm (starting later on Friday, ending earlier on Monday)

The fee for a table does not include a membership. If you'd like a membership, please visit our Registration page.

If you would like significantly more time than a few hours, please consider getting a space in the Art Show or Dealers' Row.

Table space will be available to larger companies for $50 per hour, but small companies and individuals will have preference for the tables. Arisia reserves the right to decide who is a large company.

One of these tables will be reserved for book signings during the day. If you are interested in holding a book signing, please contact

If you would like to signup for the Artist and Author Alley , please fill out the form.

For more info, please contact:

  • Price: $10 / hour (max 2 hours per time slot, possibly more, depending upon availability) - $50 for large companies
  • Hours: 10am-6pm (starting later on Friday, ending earlier on Monday)
  • You must have a convention membership.