Arisia 2009 Theme: The Fabric of Science Fiction

Woven from many ideas, facts, theories, fairy tales, rumors, and wild trips of the mind, science fiction, and its close cousin, fantasy, stretch the imagination. How flexible is your mind? Can you visualize ideas? Can you explore, adding just a bit of yourself to make something new, different, and exciting? We'll help stretch the fabric of your mind – and we hope that you return the favor.

The Fabric of Arisia 2009

Encompassing the realms of Science Fiction, Science Fact, Fantasy and Role Playing, Arisia gives you the opportunity to spend a glorious weekend out of the cold and in a Boston area hotel with 2000 people just like you. We are imaginative, innovative, intelligent, and crazy – all wrapped up in one package. This year’s convention will focus on participation with workshops, contests, participatory events, discussions, and adventures. Come here to teach, learn, grow (yes, good food too!) and thrive in a community set to respect and honor the past while building new ideas and work for the future.

And, how, you say, can we do all that in a few short days? We will host program panels, talks, presentations, and debates to stretch your mind, events where you can watch, vote, take part and dance, a far-ranging Art Show to see, experience, and sometimes buy great things to enhance your life, variety in store at our Dealers’ Row for books, trinkets, clothing, and more that you can take home, socialize in the hallways, Con Suite and in planned events with people you already do and will love in your fannish family for years to come, play in our Gaming Rooms, sing with our Filk singers, watch some of the newest, oldest, and most interesting in Anime and Video, and even your kids will have fun in Childcare (ages 2-6) or Fast Track (ages 7-12) and learn something they can teach you when you go home.

Join us for Arisia ’09 and be a member of the SF & Fantasy community.

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