Film Room Schedule – Friday

Friday Afternoon

4:00 pm: Rocky Jones–Space Ranger

Rocky Jones, Vena Ray, and ten-year-old Bobby cruise the galaxy in their space ship in this typical television space opera. The episode we are running, Pirates of Prah involves space piracy, hijacking, and everything else a kid in the fifties would want to see in a television show. 16mm, 30 min

4:30 pm: Space Sentinels–"Space Giants"

Hal Sutherland’s action animation show involves three Greek gods transplanted into the future where they do good and battle evil. We’re showing an episode called Space Giants in which they battle evil giants. Everything is cut and dried and the good guys always win, and that’s the way it should be.
16mm, 30 min

5:00 pm: Our Man Flint

James Coburn plays secret agent Derek Flint in this marvelous spoof of James Bond films. Chasing eco-terrorists while surrounded by teams of beautiful women and improbable gadgets, he saves the world in the second reel and then saves the world again in the fourth. If anything, it’s interesting to watch how Austin Powers seems like a pale and crude imitation of Flint.
16mm, 1 hr. 48 min

Preceded by Heave Away. This short film on the decommissioning of a spacecraft is set to music by Helva Peters.
16mm, 6 min, Color by RGB/DuArt


Friday Evening

7:00 pm: The Comédie-Française

The Comédie-Française has been performing live theatre since 1680, and since that time has been on the forefront of theatrical technology. This is a backstage tour of the famous French theatre, with visits to the flyloft, the costume shop, and the carpentry shop. It includes some beautiful images of theatrical productions, and is a must-see for anyone interested in costuming or stagecraft. Shown by special request.
16mm, 60 min.

8:00 pm: It’s All About Love

Just your ordinary romantic drama about star-crossed lovers. Oh, except that it takes place in a dystopian future where climate change is turning the world into a frozen wasteland. The Village Voice calls it “rapturous and inexplicable in equal measure.”
35mm Cinemascope, 1 hr. 45 min

Preceded by a short episode of Clutch Cargo. A curious product of the early 1960s, this is an animated children’s television show employing Synchro-Vox, a process in which live action lips were rotoscoped onto still drawings. The plotlines and the artwork both owed a lot to the pulp SF styles of the day and were quite advanced for a kid’s show of that era.
16mm B&W, 6 min

11:00 pm: Metropolis

This restored version of the silent Fritz Lang classic is considerably longer than the commonly-shown 1927 cut. The image quality is better than you have ever seen and it will be presented with our own Gary McGath at the organ and with two short intermissions.
35mm, 2 hrs, 4 min.

Preceded by film footage from Denvention 3. We wandered around the past Worldcon with a prewar-vintage newsreel camera and got shots of a lot of different parts of the con, then edited them down. Come and see yourself and your friends and the people you meant to see at the con but missed.
35mm, 6 min.