Saturnalia: Circus Dance Extravaganza

OPENING NIGHT - Friday, January 16, 7pm to 11pm
Ladies and Gentlemen, and Children of All Ages.
Come spin and tumble and dance
Watch human beings lighter than air
Wear circus inspired costumes
and unite with the circus folk there
The beautiful rings of Saturn inspire us to spin and twirl
Come make a special memory as we bring the Circus to Arisia
Presented by Circus Folke Unite of Amherst, MA

Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band, Bummer & Lazarus join the Circus that is Arisia this year.

You will also see one of the best collections of circus talent New England has to offer all in one space! Featuring performances by members of the Madcap Rumpus Society, Criss Cross Circus, Oddchild Uprising, a Different Spin, as well as many other surprises.

This is a less than child-friendly circus: no clowns, no balloons, and no animals; it may contain material not suited to children without parental guidance. In other words, children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.