Cosplay Costume Prom

Friday, 8pm to 11pm
Presidents Ballroom D   

This is no ordinary prom; this is a formal dance, a costume party, and a rave all rolled into one. There will be prizes for best costume, best cosplayer, best couple, King and Queen of the prom, best dancer, best dressed, and most original. The prom will feature music for people of all ages, from classics to cutting edge.  We might be calling it a prom, but that is just the cover name for the most fantastic opening night party Arisia attendees have ever seen!

Cosplay your way through the night and win prizes for being someone you are not. Come in full costume and stay in character, for the better you are at staying in your costumed character the bigger prize you'll win. Of course, costumes are not a requirement, and you are welcome to come simply to dance with friends and be entertained by DJ Johnny Zed and Katie D.  

New England Fan Experience sponsors the Prom Photos to be taken at the dance, and printed immediately, so you'll capture yourself in that detailed costume for your memory books.  A $5 fee covers the print-out of your 4x6 photo, and other size prints, (up to 8x10) are available too.  

There will also be glow sticks, cups and bracelets to make the party electric.  Free refreshments and snacks will include a full Pocky Tasting Bar… what better to go with Cosplay?  Plus there'll be a Hyatt cash bar for those who need a bit more than Prom Punch.  

Presented by the New England Fan Experience, the annual fan run media convention in Boston.