Arisia TV - The Blog and the Channel

[The following is excerpted from the introductory page of Arisia TV, by Jim Belfiore. ]

In 1989, a group of New England science fiction fans got together and formed a small non-profit organization to host a regional conference dedicated to new and classic forms of science-fiction, fantasy and speculative media. In 1990, the group's first conference was held in Boston. In January of 2009, Arisia will celebrate its 20th conference.

Through the years, Arisia has encouraged voices from young and older generations of fans to discuss, create and shape the fabric of science fiction. In that tradition, we're trying something that we haven't done before.

Arisia TV is a video channel and blog which showcases original content being developed or permitted for broadcast here, and at Arisia. We're taking on an ambitious production schedule (ambitious while holding down full-time jobs). [...]

Over the coming months, you'll see content on Arisia TV that focuses on some of the voices, stories and events shaping science fiction (and science fact), fantasy, and fandom in all forms of expression. Our goal is to release about two new productions a month.

Current content available (as of late August) includes:

  • Star Critic - Episode I, features Boston-area film critic and science-fiction fan Dan Kimmel's definitive list of the five most essential films in science-fiction to date.
  • Visions From the Edge - Dave Seeley, an excerpt from the 2005 documentary Visions from the Edge, exploring the techniques and inspirations of five science-fiction artist/illustrators, including our 2009 Artist Guest of Honor.
These productions, along with many others currently in production, will also be presented on the Arisia TV channel during the convention.
Check the Arisia TV site often for more updates!