Video and Anime Room Schedule - Friday


Friday Afternoon

4:00 pm: Anime: Trigun, Episodes 1-4

Vash is an enigma of a man with a red coat full of bullet holes. He's widely feared because of the destruction left in his wake.
100 min; 13+

5:40 pm: Anime: Space Pirate Captain Herlock, The Legend Returns

The fearless Captain Herlock, the last Space Pirate, saves Tadashi's life and says, "If you want to become a real man, board my ship."
100 min; 13+


Friday Evening

7:10 pm: Anime: Ouran High School Host Club Costuming at school can be fun, and profitable.
30 min; 13+

8:00 pm: Video: Iron Man (plus extended scenes)

Sporting gold-titanium alloy with hot cherry highlights, this Superhero will dazzle the town.
150 min; PG 13

10:30 pm: Video: Time Quest

A certain Famous Massachusetts Politician’s Life is rewoven by a Time Traveler. With Bruce Campbell.
94 min; R


Friday-Saturday Overnight

12:05 am: Video: The Jacket

Adrian Brody is outfitted in the latest time travel ensemble: a canvas straight jacket.
103 min. R

1:50 am: Anime: Barefoot Gen Movie and Barefoot Gen Movie 2

Gen is a cheerful elementary school student living in Japan during World War II. All that is about to change: an atomic bomb destroys his city in an instant. Subtitled.
170 min. 13+

5:00 am: Anime: Millennium Actress

Secrets of a legendary actress who has some wonderful costume changes.
87 min. 13+