Video and Anime

On the following pages we proudly present the Arisia 2009 Video and Anime schedule. As in prior years, we'll be running programming from Con opening at 4 PM Friday until just past 2 PM on Monday, with a one hour break each morning at 7 AM for room cleaning.

We will also be showing a full slate of films; check here for the schedule.

Video and Anime Room Schedule - Friday


Friday Afternoon

4:00 pm: Anime: Trigun, Episodes 1-4

Vash is an enigma of a man with a red coat full of bullet holes. He's widely feared because of the destruction left in his wake.
100 min; 13+

5:40 pm: Anime: Space Pirate Captain Herlock, The Legend Returns

The fearless Captain Herlock, the last Space Pirate, saves Tadashi's life and says, "If you want to become a real man, board my ship."
100 min; 13+


Friday Evening

7:10 pm: Anime: Ouran High School Host Club Costuming at school can be fun, and profitable.
30 min; 13+

8:00 pm: Video: Iron Man (plus extended scenes)

Sporting gold-titanium alloy with hot cherry highlights, this Superhero will dazzle the town.
150 min; PG 13

10:30 pm: Video: Time Quest

A certain Famous Massachusetts Politician’s Life is rewoven by a Time Traveler. With Bruce Campbell.
94 min; R


Friday-Saturday Overnight

12:05 am: Video: The Jacket

Adrian Brody is outfitted in the latest time travel ensemble: a canvas straight jacket.
103 min. R

1:50 am: Anime: Barefoot Gen Movie and Barefoot Gen Movie 2

Gen is a cheerful elementary school student living in Japan during World War II. All that is about to change: an atomic bomb destroys his city in an instant. Subtitled.
170 min. 13+

5:00 am: Anime: Millennium Actress

Secrets of a legendary actress who has some wonderful costume changes.
87 min. 13+



Video and Anime Room Schedule - Saturday


Saturday Morning

8:00 am: Anime: Hello Kitty Tells Fair Tales

Kitty and her friends get to play in different costumes.
60 min. A

9:00 am: Anime: Hello Kitty Stump Village

Kitty and her friends in claymation!
60 min. A

10:00 am: Video: Dragon Hunters

Animation from Luxembourg. Free range sheep supply the wool that helps save a world. Baa Baaa.
80 min. PG

11:20 am: Video: Un Ticket pour l'espace (Ticket to Space)

French Couture reaches new highs in this orbital comedy.
Subtitled. 89 min. PG


Saturday Afternoon

12:50 pm: Short Subject

Be surprised.
10 min.

1:00 pm: Video: Strings

From Denmark. In an alternate universe, life is based on other principles. An epic tale of intrigue, Empire, genocide and romance.
88 min. PG 13

2:30 pm: Video/Anime: Donkey Xote

From Spain. Animation. Colorful comedy.
85 Min. NR

4:00 pm: Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist, Episodes 1 & 2

Alchemy is the art of taking matter and forming it into something else. The Brothers Elric—red coat-wearing Edward and armor-clad Alphonse are naturals for this art.
120 min. 13+

5:00 pm: Fullmetal Alchemist: Who is Edward Elric?

Live panel discussion.
60 min.


Saturday evening

6:00 pm: Anime/Video Hell

Panel: Anime/Video Hell RETURNS with the Mike and Tim show! Live panel discussion.
2 hours.

8:00 pm: Anime: Gankutsuou, The Count of Monte Cristo

In the year 5053, a fabulously rich aristocrat from the far reaches of the galaxy wears fantastic costumes and looks at home in Paris.
60 min. 13+

9:00 pm: Anime: Voices of a Distant Star

Twining the lives of two teens together with technology but not time.
30 min. 13+

9:30 pm: Anime: Hellsing

As the ghouls and vampires increase in number, they threaten the human police forces forcing the deployment of the Hellsing Organization's ultimate weapon - the red coat wearing (are you sensing a theme here?) rogue vampire, Arucard!
90 min. 16+

11:00 pm: Video: Perfect Creature

From New Zealand, this alternate-history Steampunk murder mystery unravels the fabric of history.
90 min. R


Saturday-Sunday Overnight

12:30 am: Video: Six String Samurai

In an alternate history, the King is dead. A new King will be crowned in Las Vegas. Music binds the Universe together.
90 min. R

2:00 am: Anime: Yaoi Sampler

Boys' love served for women.
60 min. 18+

3:00 am: Anime: Hentai Sampler

From big tentacles to big body parts.
60 min. 18+

4:00 am: Anime: Ghost Talker’s Daydream, Episodes 1-4

She works as a dominatrix and has a bit of interesting Cosplay, but she’s better known among the ghosts.
100 min. 16+


2 hours.


Video and Anime Room Schedule - Sunday


Sunday Morning

9:00 am: Anime: Hello Kitty Stump Village

Kitty and her friends in claymation!
60 min. A

10:00 am: Video: Les Maitres du Temps (Time Masters)

From France: Moebius, the celebrated Heavy Metal graphic artist, designed this flight of French fancy.
Subtitled. 75 Min. G

11:15 am: Video: CJ 7

Stephen Chow’s latest epic comedy with plush dolls.
85 min. PG


Sunday Afternoon

12:40 pm: Video: Short Hand Woven Silk

Short subject. 20 min.

1:00 pm: Video: This Week on Brit TV

Highly recommended old favorites in new fashions from UK.
Various lengths; total 120 min.

3:00 pm: Panel: Studio Gibli

120 min.

5:00 pm: Video: Jade Warrior

From Finland/China. Forging iron and reindeer hides hold the secrets of Cornucopia.
110 min. PG 13


Sunday Evening

7:00 pm: Video: Terry Pratchett's The Colour of Magic, parts 1 & 2

In two parts, The Fabric of Magic unravels and Fantasy ensues.
3 hrs, 15 mins. PG

10:15 pm: Video: Beowulf & Grendel

From Iceland. Epic Saxon Violence in leather and handwoven cloth.
100 min. R

11:45 pm: Video: District 13

From France. Let's detonate a neutron bombè in Paris. Only stuntmen were injured.
85 min. R


Sunday-Monday Overnight

1:10 am: Anime: Le Portrait de Petit Cossette, Episodes 1-3

Cossette is the original gothic Lolita, from her little head band to her frilly underthings.
120 min. 16+

3:00 am: Anime: Ergo Proxy 4 episodes

Of robots and cops in fantastic clothing.
100 min. 16+

5:00 am: Anime: X/1999 episodes 0-4

Just because it’s 10 years since we worried about partying like it was 1999.
120 min. 16+



Video and Anime Room Schedule - Monday


Monday Morning

8:00 am: Anime: Tsubasa Vol. 1

Feathers representing a soul divided and a personality lost.
60 min. 13+

9:00 am: Anime: Hello Kitty Stump Village

Kitty and her friends in claymation!
60 min. A

10:00 am: Video: The Thief Lord

From UK/Italy. The magic and romance of Venice.
98 Min. PG

11:40 am: Video: Ideality

Shape reality to your heart’s desire.
In HD. 41 min.


Monday Afternoon

12:30 pm: Video: The Restless

From China. A mortal slips through a tear between Earth and Heaven. Hell and Romance break loose.
105 min. PG 13